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【1】HSK Standard Course Authorized by Hanban


【2】HSK Comprehensive Course Prepared by Lao Xu


What is HSK? The HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi 汉语水平考试) test is China's only official test of Chinese language proficiency for non-native speakers. Show more.

What is HSK2020? HSK2020 provides the best help for your HSK vocab learning and test preparation in following aspects such as Pinyin, Vocab, Text, Grammar, Recital, Exercise and Text preparation!

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How much is it? FREE! Be sure to log in HSK2020.com first and start learn now and build you learning records to reach your goal!

How can I use it? For each level, learn vocab first. At the same time, learn text and do exercises. Better to form a small group to learn together. Raise questions to each other. Most important: LEARN EVERYDAY , even 10 minutes! Practise makes perfect.

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Learn Pinyin - 学习拼音

Learn Words - 学习生词

Learn Text - 学习课文

Words Exercise - 词汇练习

Learn Grammar - 学习语法

Text Recital - 课文朗读

Character handwriting 汉字书写

Character Evolution 汉字演变

Check Progress - 学习进度

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Road Map to Success

General Direction 1: Follow the road map below to learn Chinese by levels:
Pinyin ⇒ HSK0 ⇒ HSK1 ⇒ HSK2 ⇒ HSK3 ⇒ HSK4 ⇒ HSK5 ⇒ HSK6

NOTE Pinyin is just a tool for you to know the sound of a word. Your main goal is to recongize Chinese character or word. Pinyin is just one part of three things you should know about a word, i.e. image, meaning and sound. Since Chinese character is technically a picture, you need to spend more time to rememorize it; and try not to use pinyin as much as you can.

Pinyin is like a name of a person. When you want to familiarize yourself with a person, you should meet the person and know how he/she looks like and have conversations instead of just rememorize the names.

General Direction 2: At each level from 1 to 6, learn Chinese words by learning words in a text:
Learn new words ⇒ Understand text ⇒ Read aloud of words, sentences ⇒ Do exercise

NOTE When learning words, pay more attention to their images and analyze them so that you can write them. Also pay attention to the tone of the words. Since Chinese have 4 different tones, and many foreigners do not have similar experience, it is easy to make mistakes. Try to imitate the pronunciation as much as you can.

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