Pinyin 拼音

1. Single Vowels a o e i u ü - 单韵母拼音

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【Single Vowels】 In China, when kids start to learn pinyin, teachers relate pinyin with things children encounter in their daily life so that they can remember it easily. Take a look at image. Each single vowel is related to a thing they can point to. For example, a is the sound when the dentist asks child to open his/her mouth and say a long and loud a---. For o, it sounds like a rooster crows. A goose in Chinese is pronunced as e, and a crow, a fish and clothes.

  • 【a】like English "father", but a bit more fronted
  • 【o】As the vowels in "saw", "all"
  • 【e】a diphthong consisting first of a back, unrounded semivowel (which can be formed by first pronouncing "w" and then spreading the lips without changing the position of the tongue) followed by a vowel similar to English "duh"
  • 【i】like English b"ee".
  • 【u】like English "oo"
  • 【ü 】as in German "über" or French "lune" (To pronounce this sound, say "ee" with rounded lips).

For foreigners, the way to learn them is to listen and repeat as close as you can. Practise it until you feel your sound is fairly close to it. Below is a table of pinyin with 6 single vowels together with 4 tones and one without tone. Click each pinyin to listen and then repeat it as close and as you can.

Click to each pinyin below to listen to its sound and say it as close as you can. Pay attention to tones.

  ā        a
  ē  é  ě  è  e