Count Strokes - 数笔画

To know how to write a character helps understand the character. To fulfill this task, you first need to analyze the character. For example, what radicals or parts does the character have? Then you can use a pen and piece of paper to practise writing. If you don't have pen or paper handy, you can also use your finger to "write" it in the air.

Use your pen or fingers to write new characters from current lesson, then count how many strokes and verify them.

HSK2级【登长城 Climb the Great Wall】

Click character to see stroke by stroke animationBelow are Chinese characters from new words in the text:

Below is basic stoke for Chinese characters. Note some strokes with curve or zigzag are counted as ONE stroke. The examples are shown in gray. The name of the stroke and its pinyin is also shown in the image.