HSK2级【过生日、买东西 Buy things for my birthday】Book 1 ~ 11/12

二级词汇8个. 一级词汇14个. 三级生词2个. 五级生词1个. 新生词7个.
今年我六 昨天 是我的生日 我们 一家 东西

妈妈 我买了蛋糕3牛奶 水果 爸爸 我买了本子和我喜欢5 哥哥姐姐我买了一3生日

我们 一起生日 一天,我高兴

生词 New Words
一家 yījiā : the whole family
: pen, pencil
chàng : to sing, to chant
: song; to sing
今年 jīnnián : this year.
蛋糕 dàngāo : cake
本子 běnzi : book; notebook; edition.
玩具 wánjù : plaything; toy
zhāng : classifier for flat objects, sheet. ★ open up
: to stop; to block; card; calorie.

语法要点 Grammar Points:
Different ways of time: past, current, future. It becomes convention to say times for past, current and future. This is the list.
    前天,昨天,今天,明天,后天 qiántiān, zuótiān, jīntiān, míngtiān, hòutiān - the day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow
    前年,年,今年,明年,后年 qiánnián, qùnián, jīnnián, míngnián, hòu nián - the year before last year, last year, this year, next year, the year after next year
    上月,这月,下 shàng gè yuè, zhège yuè, xià gè yuè - last month, this month, next month
    上(个)星期,这(个)星期,下(个)星期 Shàng (gè) xīngqí, zhè (gè) xīngqí, xià (gè) xīngqí - last week, this week, next week
    3年/月/天/星期(以)前 sān nián/gè yuè/tiān/gè xīngqí (yǐ) qián - 3 years/months/days/weeks ago
    3年/月/天/星期(以)后 sān nián/gè yuè/tiān/gè xīngqí (yǐ) hòu - 3 years/months/days/weeks after

给 gěi: to, for; to hand over. It literally means "to give" in Chinese. But it often used as preposition "to, for". Can also be a verb "to hand over".
    我买了花 Wǒ mǎile huā gěi tā. - I bought flowers for her.

张 measure word. It is used for objects made of paper, or with a flat object; such as paper, ticket, table, bed etc.
    一纸, 一票, 一桌子, 一
     yī zhāng zhǐ, yī zhāng piào, yī zhāng zhuōzi, yī zhāng chuáng - a sheet of paper, a ticket, a table, a bed

真 + Adj/psychological verbs: really.... Chinese use adverb 真 (zhēn) a lot to mean "really" or "truly" before an adjective or psychological verbs such as 想, 喜欢, 怕, 愿意 etc.
    她真漂亮 Tā zhēn piàoliang! - She is really beautiful!
    我真喜欢她! Wǒ zhēn xǐhuān tā! - I really like her!

Exercise 练习

HSK2级:生词意义测试 - Test Word Meaning

HSK2级:生词拼音测试 - Test Word Pinyin

HSK2级:生词图像测试 - Test Word Image

HSK2级:生词语音测试 - Test Word Sound

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